Problems that people face every day are usually the precursors of innovation. They push us to try and find the best and easiest way to tackle them. Most of these innovations have been a great breakthrough and have made their inventors some great fortune. Once in a while you will find some inventors coming up with some of the craziest innovations that would blow anyone’s mind. Most of the weird inventions are originally not meant to make a profit but to find a solution to some challenges. Here are some of the weirdest inventions of this century.


A dog is man’s best friend and that means you spend quite some time with them. The Doggles is the dog’s version of sun glasses. They fit well with an adjustable band around the dog’s head, and serve the same purpose human sunglasses do. They protect the dog from dust, the suns glare and assist in blocking UV rays from reaching the dogs eyes. In addition to that, they help detect any defects that might exist in the dog’s eyes.

Slanket or Snuggie

The Slanket is a type of blanket that allows someone to use their hands and legs and still feel the comfort of a blanket. This ingenious innovation came about to help assist people who want to cover their bodies in the cold season but still want to use their hands like to control the remote or read a book.

The flask tie

Though it is a corky invention, the flask tie can be ranked as one of the craziest inventions of the 21st century. This is a normal looking tie that has an interior made of a flask where you can store fluids in. It also has a straw that can be pulled to the mouth for someone to continue sipping as they work in the office. Although it is expected to store beverages allowed in the office, most people will abuse it by carrying some alcoholic beverage.

The ping pong door

If you love to play ping pong during your free time, then this invention should be of interest to you. This is a door that can be adjusted horizontally to allow people on both sides of the door to engage in the game. It is ideal if the door is placed for neighbors who live adjacent to each other.

The anti-pervert stockings

If you think of crazy, then this should be it. This is a pair of stockings made to resemble the human leg but very hairy. The more hairy it is the more it repels any pervert around trying to take a peak.

The hug me pillow

This pillow resembles a human hand giving a warm hug. Various sizes and designs exist for both men and women. So you do not have to feel lonely anymore.